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One of the hardest things in photography gets the correct amount of lighting. After some light or too much you can ruin a perfectly good photo. Back lighting refers to the lighting that comes from behind the subject. This lighting can produce a perfect photo look awful. This sort of lighting will turn a tree photo into unflattering silhouette.

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However the good thing is that this problem can be solved by being aware of the different kinds of lighting available also it affects your photography equipment. This is often good thing but when taking a photograph of a person standing it becomes undesirable. The solution to this issue is utilizing a fill flash. It fills in the light need thereby eliminating the shadows.

Your perfect shot can be affected by side lighting. However unlike back lighting the result comes from the right and left side. It will cause one side of your picture to have total darkness. While the other has the spot light. It a pleasant way of getting mysterious and dramatic. However if you want to eliminate this effect place a white board to reflect the light back the topic. Using side lighting illustrates depth and texture.

Artificial lights are available in different shapes and sizes. This can be expensive studio lights to the flash in your camera. Each artificial lighting has its strong and weak points. Camera flashes are quite easy to use but they are known to cause red eye effect. However the farther the subject comes from the lens the less this is likely to happen. Sometimes this flash lights are harmful to the subject.

Using artificial lighting indoors gives your photos an undesirable yellow cast unless you are using black and white film. When taking photographs directly to the sun make sure you take them in an angle.

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